How to rent a boat in Vourvourou


The ways to contact us and make a reservation are as follows:

  • Contact us through phone, Viber, WhatsApp on +30 6970 936 826.
  • Via Facebook/Messenger find us at Barracuda Luxury Boat Rental
  • Via Instagram send us a message at @barracuda_luxury_boat_rental
  • Email us at
  • Through our website check availability by filling out the form of interest.
  • By visiting our place in Vourvourou Halkidiki (find us on the map)

One of us will shortly inform you about the availability and will help you choose the most suitable boat for your needs in order to complete your reservation.
When completing the booking in any way we will need to know all your contact details:
Name, contact number (viber, whatsapp), email, booking date, number of passengers, number of children and their ages, arrival time, whether you wish to use a skipper or not and any other requests you may have. You must be over 18 years old to rent a boat.

When compliting this step you will receive a confirmation message with your booking details and the payment methods of the deposit.



In order to complete the reservation of your boat, a 20% deposit of the boat rental cost is required, the remaining 80% is payable upon delivery of the boat, and the cost of fuel is payable upon return of the boat depending on the consumption made.

For bookings cancelled up to 5 days before the rental date, the deposit is refunded at 100%.

For reservations cancelled after the fourth day before the rental date, the deposit is non-refundable.

The rental and departure of the vessel is normally carried out when the weather conditions permit, the wind force does not exceed the permissible limits and is allowed by the port authorities.
In case of adverse weather conditions, which prohibit your departure on the day of rental, your deposit will be refunded and the rental will either be cancelled or rescheduled for another day, if you wish.

All payments can be made by cash, credit/debit card, PayPal, Revolut or bank deposit. The name and date of the reservation is required.

Once you have informed us about the payment of the deposit you will receive the final confirmation message of your reservation accompanied by the link of our place (in order to help you find us easily), where we will be waiting for you on the predetermined day of the reservation.



One day before the day of the rental, our booking agents will contact you for a reminder of the reservation, to confirm the arrival time and to give you some initial useful information about the next day’s trip.



Upon your arrival at our place, you will be asked by our staff to sign all the necessary documents for the boat rental and settle any financial issues.
In order to complete the private yacht rental agreement, you will be asked to have the following necessary documents available:

  • Identity card or passport or car driving license of the operator.
  • Speedboat operator’s licence (in case the rental is for one of the boats that requires it). We remind you that during the rental, if the type of boat you have hired requires it, you must have your speedboat operator’s licence with you on board to show it to the port authorities if requested.
  • Some more detail if you need to issue an invoice.
  • Proof of deposit payment (in case your deposit has not been shown by the time of hire).

In the event that your rental includes the use of a skipper at this point you are ready to sail. Our company cars will take you to the embarkation area and your cruise begins.

In case you will drive the boat by yourself, our company’s staff will inform you in detail about the area you will sail, explaining you clearly how to move, indicating all the places you can visit according to your interests and preferences, the places you can stop for swimming or having lunch according to the map of the area, as well as the places you should avoid in order to avoid injuring yourself or damaging the boat.

You will then be provided with detailed instructions on board for the safe driving of the boat, how to handle it and how to use its equipment by our experienced skippers.

It is worth noting that all the above can be done at our place any previous day, upon the renter’s request, in order to shorten the departure procedure on the day of your cruise.



Just before leaving, a detailed demonstration of the vessel and its equipment is made and a declaration of acceptance of the vessel and a list of its equipment, including the cost of compensation in case of any damage on the vessel or parts thereof or loss of its equipment during the rental period, is signed. Feel safe! Upon that time you will already have all the information needed in order to minimize or extinct any case of damage which might increase your rental cost. The boat is delivered by us, with a full tank of fuel to facilitate the process.

Finally, you are given the documents and permits of the vessel that you will have to show to the Port Authorities in case of inspection.



The return to the point of disembarkation of the boat is at the predetermined time or earlier by notifying us. Upon return, the condition of the vessel and its equipment is checked. In case of damage on the boat, part of it or loss of its equipment, the cost of repair or replacement is the sole responsibility of the renter.

The refuelling of the boat is carried out by us. The cost of fuel is paid solely by the renter upon return.


  1. At our place you will find a spacious and protected parking area so that you can safely leave your vehicle.
  2. There is no canteen or restaurant on the island of Diaporos, however our company provides you with a portable cooler with ice packs and a few bottles of cold water. You can thus carry and keep cool any drinks or food you wish to take with you.