Popular destinations in Halkidiki

Vourvourou: where to go if you rent a boat

One of our main goals in Barracuda Luxury Boat Rental is for you to get to know the  breathetaking beaches of Halkidiki and enjoy them.

Preparing such an adventure for you is a pleasure for us. You just have to live it.

Blue laggon Βουρβουρού

Diaporos Island

For years, Diaporos island kept its paradise beaches well hidden and only the few who knew it, knew what treasures it was hiding. But today, by renting one of BARRACUDA LUXURY BOAT RENTAL’s boats, you can easily find yourself swimming in waters that would be the envy of the Caribbean.

It is the largest island of a cluster of nine islands and islets in the Bay of Vourvourou and is not far from the coast. It offers white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, countless beaches, picturesque coves and beautiful underwater life to explore.

Diaporos’ most famous beach is Myrsini, also known as White Sand or Hawaii. It is a small bay on the eastern side of the island that captivates the visitor’s eye more and more as they approach it. The colour of the sea suddenly changes from dark blue to turquoise. An all-white sandy beach appears in front of you, while the weather-beaten and wave-swept rocks to the left and right of the beach complete a landscape of exotic beauty.

Kryftos, the largest bay of the island, is the natural harbour of Diaporos. It is located in the northeastern part of the island and has a single entrance and exit to visit it. Entering Kryftos you will be enchanted by the calmness of the waters, as they are always sheltered, but also by the dense vegetation that in many places reaches the sea. The bay ends in shallows where the waters are warm all year round.

Paradise is one of the dozens of beaches – coves that the island has on its western side. As the name suggests, it is a pine-clad paradise beach with clear blue waters. Both this and all the other beaches on the west side of the island are ideal when the wind blows east or north-east as the island protects them perfectly from both winds and waves. It really is worth exploring them all and once is never enough!

Agios Isidoros is the second largest island, after Diaporos, of the island complex in Vourvourou. Despite its size, it is the main destination for for those who move by boat in the area, as it hosts the Blue Waters on its western side. The name foreshadows to every visitor what they will encounter but the reality cannot fit into any name or description. The landscape is magnificent.

Peristeri island is one more of the nine islands of the complex that are worth visiting. With its double beach it offers a unique landscape giving a special interest to your tour.


  • In Diaporos and the surrounding islands you will not find a canteen, beach bar or restaurant. The nearest ones are in Vourvourou.
  • The island is not inhabited, however it has many summer homes and villas for rent, which can be reached exclusively by boat.
H Αμμουλιανή


Ammouliani is a beautiful small island in the bay of Mount Athos. It is the only island with permanent residents in Halkidiki and our company is the only one that gives you the opportunity to visit it with your departure point at Vourvourou and with the help of our experienced skippers of course. Ammouliani is surrounded by very beautiful beaches.

The most popular beach of Ammouliani is Alykes, located on the west coast of the island. It is a sandy bay in a crescent shape where the water around the coast is very shallow making it ideal for young children.

Moving northwards we will find on the northwest coast of Ammouliani the beach of Karagatsia surrounded by two green hills. Karagatsia is entirely sandy, with clear waters but a relatively deep seabed around the coast.

Diametrically opposite on the south-eastern coast of Ammouliani is the southernmost beach of the island, Megali Ammos. Overlooking Drenia and the tower of Ouranoupolis on the mainland, this sandy beach is characterized as idyllic.

Drenia or Gaedouronisia and is a cluster of small islands less than two miles from Ouranoupolis and Ammouliani. On these 6 small islands you will find beautiful sandy beaches with shallow crystal clear waters that are strongly reminding of a marvellous island landscape. Sea and deep-sea lovers will love diving.


Both on the beaches of Ammouliani and Drenia you will find beach bars with sunbeds and taverns for fresh fish caught from the bay of Mount Athos.



kavourotrypes halkidiki


And because there is nowhere like Halkidiki we at BARRACUDA LUXURY BOAT RENTAL are determined to show you as many places as possible.

One more cruise with our skipper is the one to Kavourotrypes (Crab Caves)
On the eastern side of the Sithonia peninsula, there is a cluster of beaches known as the Kavourotrypes. These are small coves, hidden in a lovely pine forest, with white small sandy beaches, with crystal clear turquoise waters, white rocks and dense pine trees reaching down to the sea. This landscape of exotic beauty and the view of the imposing Athos create a small paradise on earth. So if the beaches of Halkidiki were to compete with each other, Kavourotrypes would probably win first prize. The place is beautiful, the lack of tourist organization and infrastructure is one of the positive aspects, there are no human interventions except some artistic interventions on the rocks, the water reminds of a swimming pool and a visit is a must. And at times when it is not crowded, you can have a whole creek for yourself!


A small beach bar is the only organized infrastructure in Kavourotrypes (Crab Caves).

Επίσκεψη στο Άγιο Όρος

Mount Athos

The peninsula of Athos is the easternmost and roughest of the three sub-parallel peninsulas (Kassandra or Pallini, Logos or Sithonia – central, and Mount Athos or Mount Athos) that make up the Halkidiki peninsula.
This peninsula is covered by Mount Athos, 2033m high, hence its name, and ends at Cape Nymfaio or Akrothon. It lacks rivers and lakes. It is connected to Halkidiki with the narrow isthmus of Xerxes, a low strip of land, 2 km long, historical from the Persian wars in 480 BC. while NE the gulf of Ierissos. A few miles SE of Mount Athos is the largest precipice in the Aegean that from a depth of 80m, abruptly reaches 1070m.